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Boulder Medicinals brings a craft approach to cultivating hemp and making CBD products.

Founded in 2015, Boulder Medicinals is one of the few USDA certified organic farms located in the heart of hemp country: Boulder, Colorado. The core team at Boulder Medicinals has a background in science, agriculture, and wellness and believes strongly in the healing power of the hemp plant. Our family farm, lab, and formulation space are all located within Boulder County. Our craft approach means no industrial farming: no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals are used in the development of our products.

Our Farm

We grow a select variety of healing hemp strains that thrive in the warm days and cool nights of Boulder, Colorado. Because our property was operated as a horse ranch for 30 years, the soil is rich in nutrients and grows organically richer by the year. We carefully sow, grow, harvest, and cure our flower for the optimal amount of days under perfect conditions. The flower is then carefully stripped by hand and sorted in our greenhouse. Our gentle process ensures a minimal loss of valuable trichomes, resulting in a rich cannabinoid profile & a varied terpene content for optimal benefit.

We control the full process, from seed to sale.

We grow our USDA certified organic hemp according to strict regulatory guidelines to ensure product purity.

Our proprietary full-spectrum CBD oil is blended with other premium oils to address specific ailments.

Our craft approach ensures that valuable terpenes and beneficial plant compounds are preserved.

Our Lab

Our chemists extract, formulate & bottle all of our products in-house. Our proprietary techniques combined with craft batch processing are essential in producing top quality full-spectrum CBD oil organically without any additives. Our proprietary organic extraction method yields a wider spectrum of terpenes in their original chemical ratios to optimize therapeutic effects and absorption rates into the body. When necessary, polishing techniques may be performed to maximize efficacy as well as clarity, color, and taste if necessary on certain products.

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